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Robigo About Us

Ever since its foundation; Robigo Trade DMCC sustains a steady growth in food and service sector with its constantly rising power and experiment. The importing products (Milling Wheat / Corn / Sunflower Meal/ Sunflower Seeds / Wheat Bran / Sugar Beet Pulp / Rice / Canola / Soybean Meal/ Barley / Chickpea ) of Robigo Trade DMCC are duly shaped in direct line with sectoral demands. On this wise, Robigo Trade DMCC has reached out a wealthy production portfolio.Recently, Robigo Trade DMCC is sparkling on market by targeting maximum customer satisfaction together with its qualifıed products and effective price policy as well.

Our vision is to be the market leader and alsa a prominent company without sacrifıcing quality as well as business ethic.

Our mission is to fulfıll ali the needs of our customers by increasing their productivity and profıtability and alsa add value to our sector with innovative products. Briefly, Our goal is to develop the target to be the fırst in the wheat trade in Turkey.

Currently we continue our activities in the top three in Turkey. We are proud to be among the top three in milling wheat imports in Turkey. in order to achieve this goal will be opening a branch in Switzerland in the near future. With our current potential and agreements, our turnover is USD 265 million from 30.06.2021.  Vivalon AG has started to organize our investments far all targets. Our investments in Dubai/UAE, Russsia,Turkey and Geneva/Switzerland are continuing.